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    • Aquamarine
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The tradition of wearing rings with religious symbols came to Russia from Byzantium, which is confirmed by numerous archaeological finds. Inspired by Byzantine models, Russian artisans created ornaments of precious metals, referring to Christian doctrine and folk motives behind the scenes. Quite soon Orthodox jewelry has acquired a national identity, expressed in plasticity of ornaments, transparency and harmony of composition, simplicity and clarity of forms.
Due to its closed character, the ring has symbolized unity, completeness and integrity since the days of Ancient Egypt. The semantics of the word "ring" in Russian originated from the Old Slavonic "colo" meaning "circle" or "wheel", and was also associated with the oldest symbol of eternity. To give jewelry, decorated with motifs from the Bible, was accepted for the engagement and wedding, great holy feasts, as an invaluable gift to loved ones. The custom of interpreting religious images and Slavic signs on jewelry after the Baptism of Rus was rooted in folk arts and crafts and revived in our day.
Vladimir Mikhailov is one of the few continuers of the Novgorod and Pskov art traditions of the 12th-13th centuries. In his jewelry works the artist embodies timeless images, inseparable connection with nature, Christian and Old Russian symbols. In the catalog of Vladimir Mikhailov's rings expressive and solemn, fundamental and refined models are presented, executed according to unique sketches of the author.
The collection of rings "Vladimir Mikhailov" demonstrates perfection of forms and filigree performance of ornaments, where every gesture is filled with deep symbolism and artistic beauty. The catalog includes security rings, engagement, wedding and wedding rings made of silver, platinum and rare green gold. Individual models are encrusted with diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies and other precious stones. The collection offers both solid men's and elegant women's rings, harmoniously emphasizing the style and vital position of its owner.
A wide selection of security rings in the "Vladimir Mikhailov" catalog will make it possible to make a gift filled with spiritual content to yourself or a loved one. As a small icon worn on the hand, the guard ring will become a delicate reminder of the faith and presence of God in everyday life. Continuing the art of ancient masters, the artist decorates orthodox rings with revered icon images, Slavic emblems and Byzantine patterns, enriching the plasticity of products with a graceful calligraphy of prayers.
Connoisseurs of art and Orthodox tradition will not remain indifferent to the collection of author's ornaments, filled with sacred images and original style of engraving. Select in the catalog of rings the product that best meets the esthetic preferences of a respected or beloved person will allow a variety of models. Refined rings, decorated with floral ornament, embodying fertility, perfectly suited as a gift to young girls. Adult ladies will appreciate the rings, framed by a multi-line pattern with a more complex composition and architectural dynamics.
Presented in the collection of men's rings show no less diversity, in which you can find an authentic author's product as much as possible corresponding to the wardrobe and lifestyle of the future owner. The catalog of rings "Vladimir Mikhailov" offers both laconic, monumental models, modestly decorated with geometric patterns or the text of prayer, as well as expressive decorated with rich ornament and precious stones solemn rings.
In the collection of Orthodox ornaments, you will also find universal rings "Save and Save", equivalent to men and women. The range includes engagement, wedding rings, and wedding models.
The orthodox orthodox rings in antiquity made, as a rule, from different materials: for the groom - from gold, for the bride - from silver. Today, decorations for the sacred rite are usually used from one metal for both newlyweds. Remaining faithful to the Orthodox tradition and taking into account modern trends, Vladimir Mikhailov creates expressive wedding rings of gold and silver for those who enter into marriage in the face of the Lord.
The artist also created exclusive wedding rings with filigree texts of prayers on the inside. Jewelry made from the collection "Vladimir Mikhailov", executed according to the classical principle or artfully decorated with biblical images, reflects the nobility and originality of the Russian art school. Some models contain ornaments, characteristic first of all for the Novgorod tradition.


When choosing a ring in the catalog of Vladimir Mikhailov for himself or as a gift, it is important to study the motive that sets the semantic content of the decoration, as well as the text of the prayer engraved on the back or outside of the product. Suggest a choice of the Orthodox ring will help and focus on the look of precious metal, weight, width and the presence of a stone in the decoration. Having defined the visual and semantic characteristics of the product, you can proceed with the selection of the size of the ring. A wide range of authentic rings and rings "Vladimir Mikhailov" will allow you to acquire a significant decoration, comparable to a work of art and rightfully claiming to be passed on from generation to generation as a family heirloom. To buy a security ring or a ring as a gift, for a wedding or for another important event, you can in our online store or the author's salon "Vladimir Mikhailov".