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The main symbol of faith - the native Orthodox cross, which for centuries confirms the status of a Christian, in Russia in the usage of believers entered after the Epiphany. The first Orthodox cross, on the tribute, brought by Prince Vladimir from Byzantium had a four-pointed form and for a long time became one of the most revered samples for the Orthodox.
They made crosses in Russia mainly from improvised natural materials: wood, stone and tin. Rich people ordered from experienced artisans natelniki of silver or gold. Over time, the shape of the nativity cross underwent changes, allowing, in addition to the original Byzantine model, new outlines approved by the Orthodox canons.
Turning to the best examples of Byzantine, and then the Old Russian art schools, Vladimir Mikhailov creates a catalog of crosses made in strict accordance with the Orthodox tradition. Reviving the Novgorod technique of small plastic arts, the artist in his jewelry embodies characters filled with symbolism and expressiveness. Each decoration of the collection is distinguished by the fineness of handmade work and the exceptionally high quality of materials.
The catalog of Orthodox crosses "Vladimir Mikhailov" presents a wide range of models created according to the sketches of a master with a unique style. The collection shows crosses of different shapes and sizes, made of silver, green gold or platinum. Christian symbolism and a close relationship with nature are reflected in the Orthodox jewelry of Vladimir Mikhailov. The noble decor of curly crosses or the strict rectangular shape of laconic models, practically devoid of patterns allow the artist to show the versatility of the Orthodox and artistic tradition that allows both solemn sounding and ascetic tonality.
Typical for the collection "Vladimir Mikhailov" forms of native Orthodox crosses, as a rule, are given by the plot of the composition and features of the icon image.
The catalog presents crosses for the baptism of children, characterized by miniature shapes, smooth outlines, characteristic of crimson models.
Figures in the collection and majestic models of male crosses, as well as expressive, executed with delicate, graceful ornaments female crosses. Made of high quality noble materials, Orthodox crosses are often decorated with precious stones and decorative elements that turn them into real pieces of jewelry art.
Differing in the author's handwriting, filled with sacred symbols, made in accordance with Orthodox traditions and canons, the crosses of Vladimir Mikhailov are aesthetically perfect products that rightly claim to become a family heirloom and be inherited.
Along with the high artistic value crosses from the catalog "Vladimir Mikhailov" differ practicality and functionality, easily combined with complementary decorations in the form of gold or silver chains.
Choose a cross for yourself or as a gift will help focus on the features of the shape, size and type of precious metal from which the orthodox decoration is created. The variety of the model range, where there is festive decorativeness and laconic monumentality, the fineness of the lines and the severity of the outlines will make it possible to select a cross that is most suitable for the style and lifestyle of the future owner.
Inspired by tradition and natural ornaments, Vladimir Mikhailov embodies in the collection Orthodox crosses of a curved, keeled, eight and four-pointed forms. In the catalog there are also Latin, bowed, flourished, double models of crosses, created also in strict accordance with the canons. Observing old Christian customs, the artist creates crosses with a characteristic for the Orthodox tradition of the Crucifixion.
Unlike the Catholic cross, where the hands of Jesus nailed to the middle crossbar slackly slack, Orthodox crosses represent Christ with arms wide open, trying to wrap the world in their arms. The upper crossbar of the cross, according to a long tradition, depicts the abbreviation "INCI", made with Old Slavonic letters, which stands for "Jesus of Nazareth the King of the Jews". The key difference between orthodox crosses is the lower crossbeam, to which, according to the constitution, the feet of Christ were nailed with two nails. The Catholic crucifix demonstrates one nail.
Despite the canonical nature, the graphic language of the native Orthodox crosses of Vladimir Mikhailov is endowed with an external charm and expressiveness peculiar to the Novgorod decorative tradition. At the same time, each piece of the collection is the fruit not only of art citing biblical stories, but also a testament to the author's many years of practice, creative intuition and knowledge of history.
To buy in the catalog an Orthodox cross from a rare alloy of green gold, platinum or silver for yourself and as a gift means to find an invaluable symbol of faith that can become a family heirloom and be passed on from generation to generation. To buy a miniature children's, elegant female or fundamental male Orthodox cross from the collection "Vladimir Mikhailov" can be on our website or in the author's salons. The catalog also includes exclusive Orthodox crosses of handwork and author crosses of the relics, made in the best traditions of the Novgorod art school.