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    • Gilded silver 22k
    • Green gold 14k
    • Silver 22k
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    • 10000 - 50000
    • 50000+
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With the adoption of Christianity in Russia, Orthodox jewelry began to come into use. Miniature articles made of noble metals were made by skillful master craftsmen who were brought up in Byzantine examples and Old Slavic symbols, harmoniously blended with Christian motifs. In addition to unique Orthodox crosses, icons, guard rings and chains, Russian jewelers often turned to new forms, creating unusual ornaments filled with spiritual content and artistic expressiveness.
Continuing the artistic traditions of the old Novgorod and Pskov masters, Vladimir Mikhailov embodies in his jewelry collections unsurpassed images that are inextricably linked with Orthodox subjects and characteristic for the native land of the artist's natural ornaments. Each decoration of the author is distinguished by a unique original style, harmony of composition and timeless beauty, characteristic of real works of art. Constantly inspired by church history, the artist creates both traditional Christian ornaments, as well as exclusive, collection items, filled with biblical stories and picturesque, filigree-executed ornaments.
Presented in the collection "Vladimir Mikhailov" jewelry Easter eggs are a unique example of an innovative approach to the implementation of traditional ideas in a new form. On the site you will find elegantly decorated pendants made of silver and gold in the form of Easter eggs, egg-folding and tabletop compositions, a recognizable shape with an openwork composition. Each Easter egg in the collection is distinguished by the exceptional originality of the artistic solution, the high aesthetic merits, the complexity of technical execution. Jewelry "Vladimir Mikhailov" is an exclusive example of decorative and applied art and organically fit into a number of the best works of Russian jewelry plastics.
The chamber character of Easter eggs from the collection "Vladimir Mikhailov" gives the jewelry a special distinction. The unique manner of each product is achieved thanks to a masterful combination of the artist's ancient iconographic and Russian folk traditions. Cleverly embodying the unfolded iconography in a small form, Vladimir Mikhailov creates inestimable for artistic expressiveness jewelry reliefs, gravitating to the samples of ancient Russian stone plastics.

Buy Easter eggs from the author's collection "Vladimir Mikhailov" you can on our website or in the author's salons. The assortment features authentic models, differing in size, solemnity of ornaments and story lines. Most of the products will tell you about the main Christian holiday, the most significant icon-painting images and biblical symbols. The elaborate compositions, along with numerous details, will be struck by the thoroughness of the miniaturist's work. Permeated with a deep sense and originality of the creative style of the decoration "Vladimir Mikhailov" will be a wonderful gift to a loved one, a close person for the great Easter holiday and for any other occasion.