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The tradition of giving a spoon to a child on the first tooth is inseparably linked with a long Christian plot. In the sacred writings, he was noted as the gifts of the Magi to the infant Jesus, among whom were golden tableware. However, in connection with the fact that in Russia before and after Baptism, there was more silver, a spoon for the first tooth, the child was also preferred to give silver. The product not only served as intended, but was also a reminder of the new stage in the development of the baby, personifying his growing up and independence. Presented to the child the first tableware made of noble metal is also a sign of the wish for a further rich and happy life.
The choice of silver spoons for the first tooth parents and godparents in the old days were treated with special attention. It was important to purchase not only a convenient and safe product. Festive decor was also decisive, because the object was acquired in addition to practical purposes and in order to preserve the memory of a landmark event in the history of the family.
Today, as in the old days, a silver spoon is given by someone who saw the first tooth of a baby before others. As a rule, these are the parents or other immediate relatives of the child. However, the Orthodox tradition also allows the participation of the godparents in the purchase of a symbolic gift.
In the collection "Vladimir Mikhailov" you will find a wonderful selection of original, elegant and solemn jewelry spoons. Performed by unique master sketches, exclusive products are distinguished by unsurpassed artistic expressiveness, high functionality and excellent quality. The artist, reviving the techniques of the old Novgorod and Pskov masters, embodies harmonious images filled with light, warmth and love, skillfully combining the traditions of Christian art and deep knowledge of folk culture. Each jewelry of Vladimir Mikhailov reflects the synthesis of biblical stories, typical for Russian culture of ornaments and native artists of natural motifs.
In the chamber collection of small spoons "Vladimir Mikhailov" high-artistic products from silver, gold and silver with gilding, featuring modern sound and harmony of compositional solutions, are presented. A special rhythm and character of each piece of jewelry will allow you to choose a symbolic gift for your baby.
In the online store "Vladimir Mikhailov" you will find small spoons of the Old Russian form with twisted handles, herbal ornaments and models, finely etched Church Slavic texts. There are also devices decorated with sculptural compositions of angels, spoons with cuttings crowned with an endless cross, as well as a bright solemn copy with a festive bow on the handle hiding the image of the erupting chuck.
Worthy assortment of authentic spoons on the first tooth, which you can buy on our website and in author's salons, will make an invaluable gift to a child comparable to a work of art and rightfully claiming to become a family heirloom.