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  • Material
    • Gilded silver 22k
    • Green gold 14k
    • Green gold 14k, Silver 22k
    • Silver 22k
  • Gems
    • Diamond
  • Price
    • 0 - 10000
    • 10000 - 50000
    • 50000+
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Reviving the original techniques of the old Russian masters, the orthodox jeweler Vladimir Mikhailov creates unique collections of jewelry, permeated with Christian themes, modern sound and artistic expressiveness. In the fantasy catalog you will find author's jewelry, filled with deep symbolism and timeless beauty, characteristic of real works of art. The exclusive collection "Vladimir Mikhailov" will be an ideal place for searching authentic and unique orthodox ornaments, among which a wide variety of pendants, earrings, rings-collars, necklaces, unique table decorations and other jewelry, permeated with sacred meaning and filigree performance.
Each work of the master, along with high quality and thoroughness of elaboration, distinguishes the individual character, the solidity of form and the harmony of compositional solutions. The author's jewelry "Vladimir Mikhailov" in all its completeness demonstrate a special rhythm and unique emotional tonality, presenting the audience with ascetic clear themes, then the festive sound peculiar to the Orthodox tradition. On our site you will find products made of gold, platinum and silver, some models are encrusted with precious stones.
The presented jewelry, the author's work on which is carried out by the artist manually from the sketch to the final stroke, are lined up in the picturesque ensemble of the Vladimir Mikhailov collection, harmoniously complementing each other and demonstrating the traditional ornamental decor for the Russian art school.
Deeply honoring Christian customs and national motives, the author creates special Orthodox ornaments also by seeking inspiration for beloved cities, poetry and biblical stories. Presenting with each work an exclusive sample of miniature jewelry, Vladimir Mikhailov embodies chamber, unique works, which are highly appreciated by both art lovers and professional art critics.
Among the jewelry pieces of small plastic "Vladimir Mikhailov" you can easily find a gift for yourself or a close, respected person. Whether it's a festive necklace called "Easter Chimes" with a twisted chisel around bells, a comic pendant "Lapti" or earrings "Leaves of the grapes", decorated with diamonds and garlands of carved leaves - each author's collection is an embodiment of the deep knowledge of folk culture, soulfulness and timeless beauty.
In the catalog "Vladimir Mikhailov" there are both elegant female models, and fundamental men's jewelry, marked by a noble, subtle semantic overtones. Being filled with varying degrees of Orthodox symbolism, jewelry "Vladimir Mikhailov" in addition to its aesthetic and spiritual value also rightfully claim to be passed on from generation to generation as a family shrine. The items of personal piety represented in the collection personify remarkable collection samples of high jewelry skill and organically fit in a number of the best works of small plastic from ancient times to the present day. Buy author's jewelry "Vladimir Mikhailov" and get to know more closely with the work of an outstanding artist you can always on our website and in the author's salons.