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Vladimir Mikhailov crafts cross on rock discovered by globetrotter Fedor Konyukhov on journey to Cape Horn (Tierra del Fuego)

4 August 2016.
Fedor Konyukhov and Vladimir Mikhailov have been friends and partners in work for many years. They designed a jewellery collection together in 2014–2015. In May this year, inspired by Fedor’s courage and willpower, Vladimir presented him with an ecclesiastical cross that would travel around the entire globe with the bold adventurer. Fedor, in turn, gave Vladimir a rock he had found on his voyage to Cape Horn.
In August 2016, during a press conference marking Fedor’s return from his journey around the world, Vladimir presented his friend with a new creation: a cross mounted on Fedor’s Cape Horn find.
“I spent hours looking at this rock, thinking of Father Fedor, and praying for him”, the master explains. “Of course I have never been to the edge of the world, but as I held the stone in my hand, I felt transported to Cape Horn. I have immense respect for Father Fedor and a great reverence for his courage and bravery. And to my cherished friend, I would like to give this cherished cross.”