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Savior on the throne - one of the most ancient types of iconography of the Savior. Already in the images of the V-VI centuries. in Rome, Ravenna, Thessaloniki, there is the image of the Royal Christ surrounded by Angels and the so-called "tetramorphs" - symbolic images of the evangelists.

Compositions of this type were called "theophanes", from the Greek "Theophany" ("Epiphany").
Later the theophanic meaning became characteristic of such Old Russian icons as, for example, "The Savior in the Force", placed in the Deesis series of the Russian high iconostasis.

The Lord on the throne is an image created under the influence of the description of the apocalyptic vision of John the Theologian: "And turning the seven stars of the golden ones together, and like the Son of man among the light, like a Son of Man, clothed in a pod and girded ..." (Rev 1: 12-13). The Virgin is present at the throne of Christ the Judge at the Last Judgment, therefore Her image (in this case the Bogolyub icon of the Blessed Virgin) can be seen on the reverse side of the icon. Cross-shaped beads inform the suspension of the symbolic form of the cross. The miniature suspension with a thin frame looks especially elegant.