Venerable Mary of Egypt Image for Necklace - Christening Gifts Collection

St. Mary of Egypt is the only saint whose life is read from the pulpit during a special divine service dedicated to her memory. On the fifth week of the Great Lent, dedicated entirely to St. Mary, there is always a solemn matinee, called I "Marino Stagnation", which includes the Great Penitential Canon of Andrew of Crete and the life of the Reverend. Usually, the story of her life is set forth as Zosima wrote of her-a holy elder who labored in one of the desert monasteries. During Lent, when the monastery brethren left the walls of the monastery in order to spend holy days in solitude, the elder Zosima went to the desert. There, far from people, in the heart of the Egyptian desert, he suddenly noticed a strange man, rather, a light shadow sliding along the bed of a dried-up river.

Realizing that before him a great ascetic desert, the elder wanted to approach the stranger, but he, seeing him, rushed to run. Finally Zosima persuaded the ascetic to stop. It turned out that there was a woman who lived in the Egyptian desert for more than forty years, like an angel, without any shelter, clothes, or food delivered by people. Completely surrendering to the will of God, she carried the feat of repentance, which brought her closer to divine dispassion: she rose during prayer above the earth, walked on the waters of the Jordan, understood the Holy Scripture, never having studied.

The Monk told the old man about her past life, how she left her father's house in her youth, surrendered to debauchery and how, thanks to the admonition of the Mother of God, she realized her sin. This happened in Jerusalem on the Feast of the Cross of the Lord, when all went to the temple to bow to the Life-Creating Tree. And today, with her unceasing prayers in heaven, she is able to return to the true path any repentant sinner and grant a strengthening in faith and chastity.