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One of the key summer Orthodox holidays is the Transfiguration of the Lord,
In the folk tradition, the Transfiguration is called the Second Savior or the Apple Savior. The popular name of the holiday was acquired because traditionally on this day the grapes of a new crop and other fruits are consecrated, and, where there are no grapes, apples, after which they were allowed to be used for food. The consecration of the fruits is carried out at the end of the festive liturgy and is an expression of the gift of God from the nature blessed by Him.

The Feast of the Apple Savior symbolizes the early arrival of autumn and is the starting point in harvesting and preparing for the coming winter. The date of the holiday in the Orthodox tradition is August 19. On this day it is allowed to harvest apples, in the southern regions of the Spas, grape and other fruits are removed. By tradition, apples on the day of the Transfiguration are brought to the church and illuminated, only after this fruit can be given to friends, neighbors and needy, and also to eat for food.

Before the Savior, a new fruit crop is not accepted. Apple Savior falls at the time of the Assumption fast, which means that you can not eat meat, milk, eggs and butter. On the solemn day of the Transfiguration, you can eat only fish, mushrooms, vegetables, fruits and berries.

The History of Apple Salvage

The history of the Orthodox holiday dates back to the fourth century, when the first temple of the Transfiguration of the Lord on Mount Tabor was erected in Palestine. According to the gospel descriptions, it was there that Christ, in the presence of his disciples Peter, James and John, shone like the sun during the reading of the prayer and was transformed. According to the scriptures, Jesus forbade the disciples to disclose about what they saw before their Resurrection.

In the ancient Russian tradition on this day, people were especially attentive to the weather, actively gave apples, and in the evening celebrated the sunset with dances and chants. Today, as in former times, the Orthodox Spas not only treat each other fresh fruits, but also give gifts. In connection with the fact that the apple symbol suggests well-being and fertility, gifts are usually adorned with the image of this fruit. On the Feast of the Apple Spas as a presentation, friends are presented with various souvenirs in the form of fruit or textiles with embroidered fruits on it. Close relatives are given jewelry with apple symbolism.

Long since the Apple Spas - a holiday not only spiritual and gastronomic. This day is also considered rich in signs. For example, if the day of the Savior is dry weather, then the autumn is dry, and winter comes without precipitation. If the rainy Savior, then the winter will be snowy.