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A limited series of Orthodox jewelry "Vladimir Mikhailov" is a wonderful example of high jewelry skill in contemporary arts and crafts. Presented in the collection of exclusive handmade jewelry shows a harmonious synthesis of Christian traditions and symbols of folk culture.
In addition to the biblical subjects and artistic techniques of the old Russian masters, Vladimir Mikhailov is also inspired by natural ornaments, creating objects of personal piety that are unsurpassed in small detailed elaboration and artistic expressiveness. In the collection you will find desktop icons, compositions in the form of monumental crosses, Easter eggs and other sacred ornaments, filled with sacred meaning and timeless beauty.
Exclusive handmade jewelry by Vladimir Mikhailov along with modern sounding faithfully reflect the ancient Christian plastics, closely echoing the originality of Russian color. Presented in the collection of desktop icons will be a wonderful gift for true connoisseurs of jewelry art and Orthodox tradition. Jewelry "Vladimir Mikhailov" is always a chamber character and recognizable author's style, perfection of forms and accuracy of an embodiment.
Implemented by the master from sketches to artistic casting and fine point workings, the products represent worthy examples of icon painting transferred to the plastic reliefs of jewelry. The collection presents exclusive authorial jewelry made of gold, platinum and silver, some models are decorated with precious stones. Each author's decoration is distinguished by a deep symbolism and high aesthetic value, thanks to which the works of Vladimir Mikhailov are placed on a par with the best works of small plastic from ancient times to the present day.
In addition to the seasoned author's style, the products presented in the catalog are distinguished by a variety of decor and a degree of expressiveness. So, among the highly artistic works of Vladimir Mikhailov there are also refined, delicate models of elegantly decorated desktop icons, and fundamental, compositionally stable objects of personal piety. Thanks to the versatility of the ornaments of the limited series "Vladimir Mikhailov" to pick up a gift that will emphasize the life position of its owner, it will not be difficult for both a man and a woman.
You can order and buy an exclusive handmade jewelry product on our website and in the author's salons "Vladimir Mikhailov". The presented collection ensemble will allow to choose a significant table decoration, which rightly claims to become a family heirloom and passed down from generation to generation.