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The tradition of wearing jewelry has a rich history and its own characteristics in each of the cultures. Serving as a reminder of events, customs or revered symbols, ornaments of different peoples are a sign of self-determination, an opportunity to identify their culture or position. So, along with Christianity, the tradition of wearing church jewelry came to Russia. Marked with plots from the scriptures and floral ornaments typical of the Byzantine art school, orthodox decorations quickly acquired a national identity, harmoniously complemented by Old Slavic motifs and slender features, characteristic already for the northern Russian school.
Together with the custom of wearing crosses and icons, interest in jewelery chains appeared in Rus. They were made of noble metals by skilled craftsmen, inspired by biblical motifs, Byzantine examples and Russian color. At the dawn of Christianity, such decorations could be afforded only by wealthy citizens and clergymen. However, these days, thanks to a wide variety of jewelry, it's not difficult to buy a chain of gold, silver or platinum.
On our site you will find a unique collection of chains and bracelets made of gold and platinum according to the author's sketches of the orthodox jeweler Vladimir Mikhailov. Continuing the artistic traditions of the old Novgorod and Pskov masters, the artist in his work relentlessly turns to the origins of Christianity and natural motives, creating original artistic expressions filled with artistic expressiveness and sacred meaning. Lining up in a picturesque ensemble jewelry chains "Vladimir Mikhailov" are easily combined with Orthodox crosses and images, and also look great like independent jewelry.
The chains and bracelets presented in the collection show a wide selection of filigree, exquisite jewelery with a deep content. In the catalog "Vladimir Mikhailov" you will find both large men's chains that can be worn with both a suspension and independently. So are elegant women's models, striking beauty of vegetable patterns and finely executed ornaments. Each product of the collection is distinguished by its unique author's style and high quality, thanks to which the decorations for many years retain an invariably attractive appearance.
To choose a laconic jewelry gift for yourself or someone close will help orienting on the length, thickness and type of the lock of the product, as well as the preference for this or that noble metal. The chain, which is easy to buy on our website, can also differ in the style of weaving. "Vladimir Mikhailov" represents products with links in the form of grape leaves, with plant motifs and other types of ligature, supplemented by a living ornamental field, smoothly passing from one link to another. Inspired by natural subjects and biblical symbols, the artist embodies the festive sound of a laconic form - that is magnificently decorated with ornaments, then delicately decorated with subtle geometric patterns that emphasize the ascetic style of the product.
Chain, the price of which varies depending on weight, thickness and type of precious metal, will be an ideal gift for any occasion for both men and women. The collection "Vladimir Mikhailov" presents models suitable for people with different character and style, capable of delicately integrating into every image and designating the life position of the owner.
All products are united by common stylistics, based on decorativeness and ornaments typical of the northern art tradition. Each model, in addition to the fineness of the performance and filigree engraving, is characterized by the harmony of composition and individual character. The Vladimir Mikhailov catalog is an ideal place to search for authentic bracelets and chains filled with timeless beauty, characteristic of real works of art.