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The Tenth Festival of Russian Art in Bari, Italy. From May 12 to 16, 2016

23 May 2016.
The Tenth festival of Russian Art took place in the Italian city of Bari. It was dedicated to the celebration of St. Nicholas Day, who is one of the most revered saints in our country. Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of Bari, where—in a crypt under the altar of the basilica—his relics are buried. Exhibition called "Honoring St. Nicholas in Russia" has been deployed in the exhibition hall of Portico dei Pellegrini, opposite to the Basilica of St. Nicholas. Layouts and rare photos of St. Nicholas Churches, which have been presented at the exhibition, had been brought from the Moscow State Museum of Architecture.
Showroom "Vladimir Mikhailov", by the rights of long-standing partner of the festival, has presented a jewelry—pectoral icons, crosses, rings, and folding icons.