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Mikhailov Gallery opens its first showroom in Baden-Baden

17 August 2012.

The choice of location was not a chance decision: the Russian aristocracy began its pilgrimage to the healing waters of the German city back in the 18th century. From that period onwards, this place became an inspiration for many Russian writers whose works were read throughout Europe, including Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Turgenev and Chekhov. The city also became a favourite holiday spot for members of aristocratic Russian families – the Volkonskys, Vyazemskys, Trubetskoys and Menshikovs. The street on which the new showroom is located was also carefully selected; Sophienstrasse reflects the spirit of Baden-Baden with its old architecture and fine coffee shops.

The Mikhailov Gallery displays the Orthodox designs of artist and jeweller Vladimir Mikhailov, as well as pieces by recognized artists and members of the Creative Artists’ Union of Russia Tatiana Khromoseeva and Vladimir Lopatin.

Showroom address:

19 Sophienstrasse, Baden-Baden, Germany