Wedding Ceremony Gifts - Unique Baptism Collection

The wedding ceremony is a sacred activity for the newlyweds who intend to bind themselves for the rest of their lives. The essence of the sacrament is the spiritual unity of the couple, which undertakes, after the conclusion of the church union, not to violate the vows of love and fidelity, to preserve the family. More and more people today began to turn to the tradition of marriage in front of the altar. However, not every couple knows what is needed for a wedding and where to acquire key attributes for such a crucial event.

Like a secular wedding event, the wedding presupposes the presence of obligatory attributes for the bride and groom. These include crosses, wedding candles, icons, towels and, of course, wedding rings.

Richly embroidered towel is a symbol of well-being, a bright and long life path. At the wedding, the young people stand at the analogy at the "wedding" white towel - as on a cloud, the bride and groom are torn from time to time from the world and as if delighted in the Kingdom of Heaven, for there the blessing of their marriage takes place.

The wedding ceremony also presupposes the mandatory presence of two wedding icons for the newlyweds. For the man, the icon of Jesus Christ, symbolizing the intercessor and savior of his family, is taken, and for the woman - the icon of the Blessed Virgin. In addition, for the wedding, church candles that are consecrated in advance are needed. As a rule, these are candles of rather large size, so that throughout the ceremony their fire does not fade. After the wedding, the candles are kept in the house of the bride and groom. According to the belief, they have protection by force. On the eve of the ceremony, the newlyweds also need to prepare two towels. They can be made from ordinary white towels or plain white cloth. After the ceremony, towels are also kept by the couple as a family heirloom.

According to an old tradition, wedding rings are made of precious metals. In the old days, a woman was supposed to wear a silver ring for the wedding, and a gold for the man. However, today it is more customary to use gold wedding rings for both newlyweds. It is allowed at the wedding ceremony in the church to exchange and rings with precious stones. Among which there are sophisticated models of wedding rings for brides, and courageous rings for grooms, including with protective prayers.