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Rings as a symbol of wholeness and unity have long been popular and highly revered both among the wealthy and among ordinary people. In ancient times, skilled craftsmen decorated gold and silver jewelry with rich ornaments, complementing jewelry with precious stones. The status and position in the society of a person could be determined by the presence on his hand of a ring of this or that material. Today, the golden ring, encrusted with a stone, has not lost its sacred significance and continues to embody, in addition to external aesthetics, the oldest symbol of eternity.


The continuer of the Novgorod and Pskov art traditions of the 12th-13th centuries, the artist Vladimir Mikhailov creates decorations that are unsurpassed in terms of expressiveness and semantic content, among which a special place is occupied by rings with an emerald.

In the online store "Vladimir Mikhailov" you will find jewelry filled with timeless beauty, Christian and ancient Russian symbols, supplemented with floral ornaments and a subtle calligraphy of prayers. Each work of the collection is made according to a unique author's sketch, it differs with solemn sounding and harmony of composition. All jewelry demonstrates the perfection of the forms and the high craftsmanship of performance, along with the unsurpassed quality and deep symbolism.


A rich selection of gold rings with precious stones in the catalog of Vladimir Mikhailov will make it easy to choose a gift filled with external charm and spiritual meaning for yourself and a loved one. The collection features jewelry with diamonds, ruby, sapphire, topaz and emerald. Models, encrusted with shining green edges symbol of wisdom - emerald, stand out with a special aesthetics and charm. Being a small icon worn on a hand a gold ring with an emerald not only reminds of faith, but also harmoniously complements any image, elegantly fits into style.


The collection "Vladimir Mikhailov" presents models of gold differing by different composition plots and variation patterns. The guard ring with the emerald "Old Russian" is generously decorated with floral motifs characteristic of the Novgorod ornament, in which a lush ligature of flexible stems subtly resembles the pearl thread of the contour. The inner side of the product is gracefully decorated with the "Save and Save" prayer, and the outer center of the composition symbolizes the bud of a blossoming flower in the form of a large gemstone. The guard ring "Save and save", where the center is the equilateral Greek cross with an emerald inset, differs filigreely executed vegetative pattern in the form of a grapevine - a symbol of fertility and participle. The diameter of the ring is complemented by a laconic prayer text, gracefully inscribed in the texture of the ornament.

Reviving the art of the ancient Novgorod and Pskov masters, Vladimir Mikhailov decorates orthodox rings not only with precious stones, but also with revered icon images, Slavic emblems. The plasticity of each product is enriched by the graceful calligraphy of protective prayers and floral arrangements. Jewelry with an emerald is distinguished by the purity of the radiance of a stone, to which it is difficult to remain indifferent. The original style and high quality of performance ensure the durability of the works of the orthodox jeweler and are characteristic for each product.


In addition to unique rings with an emerald, the catalog presents refined rings with other precious inserts and without them, perfectly suitable for young girls. Also in the collection you will find rings with a complicated composition performance, which will please the respectable ladies and become a wonderful gift for the anniversary.

The catalog of jewelry "Vladimir Mikhailov" except for women's rings also demonstrates an impressive selection of men's rings made on authentic author's sketches. In the collection there are also idly decorated with precious stones gold rings, and restrained, fundamental seals with geometric symbols without inserts.


Turning to the age-old jewelry traditions and modern rhythm, the artist Vladimir Mikhailov in his ornaments reflects the universal beauty inherent in real works of art. Jewelry made from the collection "Vladimir Mikhailov", executed according to the classical principle or artfully adorned with Christian motifs, reflects the nobility and originality of the northern art school. Some models are decorated with ornamentation peculiar only to the Novgorod art school.

Buy a ring with an emerald in the collection of Vladimir Mikhailov for himself or as a gift will help focus on the depicted motif, which, as a rule, sets the semantic context of the decoration. Prompts with a choice of a gold ring and orientation on a manner of engraving of a security prayer - it can be exquisitely smooth or verified accurately depending on the overall style of the product. It is also important to consider the weight and width of the ring. Having determined with the graphic and semantic content of the decoration, you can proceed with the selection of the size of the ring. A wide assortment of authentic rings with an emerald in the catalog "Vladimir Mikhailov "will make it possible to acquire a significant decoration that rightly claims to be passed on from generation to generation as a family heirloom.