True Crosses - Baptismal Gifts for boys and girls

The cross-relic does not differ from the usual cross, except that it is intended for storing a particle of holy relics or other relics. Therefore, inside it is hollow. Such a cross can be both native, and napersnym, and naprestolnym, and any other, the main thing in it is that it has a huge protective power. The even small particles of the holy relics contained in the relic send this power and energy to him.

Cross-relic is often called an enclongion - this name is of Greek origin, previously called the small ark, which housed the relics of saints. Today, the same name is worn and cross-relics.

True crosses existed in Russia from time immemorial. Today such crosses can be seen in many local history and historical museums, some of them no longer contain relics, others still remain miraculous. The relic is not necessarily a cross, it can be a casket in which the relics of a saint are stored. Such caskets can be found today in our Orthodox churches, built in honor of a particular saint and storing his relics. True-crosses nevertheless remains the best protective tool for an individual Christian. You can always carry it with you, so the power of the saint will support the person every minute of his life. Such crosses are usually performed by jewelers with special love and thoroughness. They can be decorated with portraits of saints, precious stones. The image of the Savior is mandatory on the relic. A special prayer can be written inside the relic. Also on its inner side, an additional image of the cross is necessarily placed.