St. Matrona Nikonova - Icons and Images for Necklace

The blessed Matrona (Matrona Dimitriyevna Nikonova) was born in 1885 in the village of Sebino, Tula province, in a poor peasant family. Mother Matrona, Natalia, even before the birth of the child saw a prophetic dream: an unborn daughter appeared in a dream in the form of a white bird with a human face and closed eyes. Having received a dream for a sign, the God-fearing woman refused to give up the child to the orphanage, as was decided earlier. The daughter was born blind, but her mother was very fond of. Her miracles and holiness were witnessed by many miracles surrounding her from infancy.

At the baptism, when the priest lowered the child into the font, the present saw above the infant a column of fragrant light smoke: "This baby will be holy," said the priest. On the girl's chest was a bulge in the form of a cross - a miraculous cross. From the very childhood she predicted the future of Russia. From all over the country crowds of suffering and sick people came to her with their sorrows and troubles. St. Matrona did not refuse anyone to help, except for those who came with a sly intent. She consoled, calmed, stroked them on the head, overshadowed the sign of the cross, sometimes joked, sometimes severely denounced and instructed. Helping her people was selfless.

The help that the needy receives, praying to the righteous or the icon of the Matrona of Moscow, prayerfully brings spiritual results: people are confirmed in the Orthodox Church, vercerkovlyayutsya externally and internally, and also attached to daily prayer life.