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The Holy Prince Alexander Nevsky was born on May 30, 1220 in the city of Pereslavl-Zalessky, where his father reigned. The rite of dedicating Alexander to the soldiers was performed in the Transfiguration Cathedral of Pereslavl by St Simon, Bishop of Suzdal, one of the composers of the Kiev-Pechersk Paterik. From the gracious old hierarch, Saint Alexander received the first blessing for military service in the Name of God, the defense of the Russian Church and the Russian land.

Prince Alexander, called Nevsky for the battle won on the Neva River and ranked for it to the saints, defended the homeland for many years from enemy hordes, participated in the conclusion of alliances with influential neighbors. The holy prince used every opportunity to exalt his native land and to facilitate her lot. All his exploits were accomplished thanks to the prayers he constantly offered to the Lord. Thanks to Alexander, the future of Russia was saved, and, therefore, his duty to God was fulfilled. In the monastery Gorodets, the ascetic prince surrendered his spirit to the Lord on November 14, 1263, completing his difficult life path by the adoption of the holy monastic schema with the name of Alex.

Alexander's self-sacrificing sacrifice for the good of the Fatherland and his protection from enemies, as well as devotion to faith in Christ, served as a fine example of a wise and brave ruler. Today Saint Alexander Nevsky protects our country and all the people of Russia with their heavenly protection. While the Orthodox pray to him for the defense of the Motherland and honor him with their remembrance, there will not be a bloody war.

Prayers for Alexander Nevsky should also be extolled for those who are at war, and the Holy Image of Alexander Nevsky will protect those who go to the front or serve in the army.
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This icon in the form of a military shield depicts the Saint Blessed Prince Alexander Nevsky. Saint Alexander embodies the image of the defender of the fatherland, and personifies the highest manifestation of courage, valour, and bravery, bringing peace and the truth of faith for the enlightenment of mankind and the salvation of Russia. He was given the name Nevsky and canonized for his great victorious Battle of the Neva. On the reverse of the icon is an image of the Holy Cross against a background of the walls of Jerusalem and the Instruments of the Passion of the Christ.
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Alexander Yaroslavich Nevsky was a renowned military leader, serving as Prince of Novgorod and Grand Prince of Vladimir. He ruled during one of the most difficult and pivotal moments in the history of medieval Rus. He never once suffered defeat in battle, proving himself to be a great warrior and believer in the power of prayer, a man of strong faith and a heroic defender of the Russian lands. Saint Alexander was canonized as one of the pious by the Moscow Orthodox Church Council in 1547.
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The icon depicts the image of Saint Blessed Prince Alexander Nevsky, one of the most revered saints of the heavenly host. His feats of arms achieved in the defence of the fatherland were particularly revered during his life on earth. For many years Prince Alexander defended his homeland from enemy hordes, and helped to conclude alliances with influential neighbours. He was canonized and titled "Nevsky" after the great battle that he won on the Neva River.
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