Six-winged Seraph - Baptism Icons Collections

Among the Angelic creatures, the sixth-winged Seraphim are the closest to the Lord of Heavenly Powers. "Around him were the Seraphim; each of them has six wings: he covered his face with two, and closed his legs with two, and flew with two. And they cried to one another and said: Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of hosts! the whole earth is full of His glory! "(Isaiah 6: 2-3).
According to Dionysius the Areopagite, they symbolize Divine love and have a fire-like or fiery image: "... As for the name of the Seraphim, it clearly shows the incessant and ever-present desire for the Divine, their fervor and speed, their ardent, constant, unrelenting and unswerving impetuosity - also their ability to really build the lower into the mountains, to excite and ignite them to such a heat; as well as the ability, singing and burning, thus purifying them - always open, inextinguishable, constantly the same, light-like and enlightening force, driving and destroying all defilement. "

Their appearance is indescribable: The Native Icon of the Six-winged Seraph in the Miniature Plate, The Native Icon with the Image of Seraphim of Silver, The Native Icon with the Image of the Seraphim of Gold, the miniature pendant of the Six-Winged Seraphim, therefore it is customary to represent icons on the icons only surrounded by wings, which symbolically expresses an unearthly being Seraphim and, at the same time, their spiritual, or, as they say in the liturgical texts, "intelligent" essence.