Silver Chains for Men - Unique orthodox design

Silver is rightfully considered to be the most accessible precious metal, which is almost inferior in its merits to gold, but it costs much less. In the jewelry business, silver has been used for many centuries. The fact is that from this plastic material you can make even very filigree and elegant silver chains for men, as you can see through the works of the Orthodox master Vladimir Mikhailov. In addition, silver is very strong, therefore, when buying a silver chain for men, you can be sure that it will last several decades.


Silver chain for men is practical because it looks equally well with both symbolic decorations and religious pendants. Silver is considered a hypoallergenic material, its prolonged wearing does not cause a reaction or itching. It is silver jewelry, especially silver chains of men, you can safely choose as a gift. Men usually prefer massive and heavy jewelry, because the thin and elegant chains look feminine enough. Of course, gold chains are quite expensive. But you can buy a silver chain for men at an affordable price.

What are the silver chains of men?

During the selection of the silver male chain, attention must be paid to the evaluation of its weaving. The most common type of weaving is an anchor chain. This kind of weaving is especially popular in man's ornaments, as it makes them thick and massive. Silver man chains with anchor weaving are very practical and durable, and also do not lose shape in time. Men's silver chains with armor plaiting are also considered popular, as they are very comfortable, they lie down beautifully and adhere to the skin. Thanks to a sufficiently dense weaving it is possible to achieve the effect of a single silver leaf.


Bismarck weaving, which makes the chain very heavy and bulky, also enjoys great popularity among men. Outwardly, this male silver chain looks very solid and worthy. Men's silver chain with such a weaving is durable and durable.


The most demanded and beautiful weaving today is considered copyright. Vladimir Mikhailov makes original, exclusive, exclusive men's silver chains, in which modern trends and ancient traditions are harmoniously concentrated. Such men's silver chains do not have age, they can be worn by both adults and young people. These ornaments can be inherited, because they contain a great spiritual experience and symbolism.


In one of the most beautiful lines of men's silver chains, the motif of the vine and grapes is used, as an allegorical image of the Garden of Eden and the symbol of the sacrament. A more modern explanation of the symbolism is peace, home peace, prosperity.

Buy a men's silver chain

Buy the original men's silver chain handmade author's work can be in the workshop of Vladimir Mikhailov. The jeweler creates collections of unique ornaments, so if you have long wanted to purchase an original silver chain for yourself or a loved one for a gift, look in the catalog of the master's works.