Sapphire Rings - Baptism Gift Collection

The tradition of wearing rings, decorated with biblical subjects and religious ornaments, was fixed in Russia after the adoption of Christianity. As a symbol of faith and a reminder of the presence of God in everyday life, the Orthodox wore protective rings, decorated with texts of prayers. Some rings, except sacred texts, also contained the name of the owner and were used by high-ranking officials as a seal. Ornaments from precious metals in the old days were often encrusted with precious stones, which gave them a special charm and testified to the high position of the possessor. They gave such jewelry only on special occasions: for an engagement, a wedding, a wedding or as an invaluable gift to a loved and respected person.
The collection of jewelry "Vladimir Mikhailov" represents an impressive selection of security rings, elegantly augmented with precious stones, universally suitable for men and women. Each product here is filled with harmonious bends and filigree performance, delicately decorated with orthodox symbols, has a deep semantic content. Rings with precious inserts are made by unique author's sketches of the Orthodox artist Vladimir Mikhailov.

A special charm in the catalog of the gold rings of Vladimir Mikhailov are the products encrusted with sapphire. In the collection there are decorated with shining stone guard rings "Save and Save", "Song of the Theotokos" and the ring "Maiden". Each ring with a sapphire is distinguished by an individual style of performance, which is set by the fine engraving of the expressive ornament. Continuing the ancient traditions, the artist Vladimir Mikhailov fills modern orthodox rings with icons, prayers and names of heavenly patrons. The depth of sound of each piece is determined by a verified composition and unsurpassed quality of materials. Being not only works of jewelry art, but also a kind of small icons, gold rings with sapphire often become a family heirloom, are inherited.

Buy a ring with sapphire, filled with noble beauty and Christian symbolism can be found in the online store "Vladimir Mikhailov". The artist, reviving the art of Pskov and Novgorod masters, embodies the oldest orthodox ornaments in fine plastic jewelry, making each decoration exclusive and iconic for his future owner.

In the collection of jewelry works decorated with sapphire you will find the ring "Save and Save" with the hexagonal top of the Mother of God star decorated with acanthus shoots, where the stone symbolizes the legend of Paradise radiant light, and the plastic of the form is set by Old Slavonic letters framed with the finest threads of "pearl beads". The guard ring "Maiden", ideally suited as a gift to a young lady, will subdue a subtle decorative composition with a floral ornament, which crowns the oval with the text of the prayer to the Theotokos. For big connoisseurs of precious stones in jewelry, in the collection of Vladimir Mikhailov, you can also find a ring with sapphire and diamonds, distinguished solemnity and extraordinary radiance.

A wide range of orthodox rings "Vladimir Mikhailov" will allow you to choose a product for every taste. In our online store you will find unique ornaments of gold, silver and platinum, decorated with author's patterns and precious inserts.

Deeply honoring Orthodox customs, Vladimir Mikhailov creates unrivaled spiritual strength and artistic expressiveness of jewelry. In the catalog there are both expressive female rings, and solid protective rings for men. Strict and restrained, festive and expressively decorated with ornamental security rings with sapphire will allow you to choose an exclusive and iconic decoration for yourself or as an invaluable gift for an important occasion to an expensive person.

Buy an exclusive ring with sapphire, you can always in our author's salons or on the website of the online store "Vladimir Mikhailov". In the catalog, besides jewelry with sapphire, you will also find gold rings with diamonds, ruby, amethyst, emerald and other precious stones, you can get acquainted with the technical characteristics of each product and immediately know the cost of the model you like. The rich variety of authentic rings and rings "Vladimir Mikhailov" will give the opportunity to easily and quickly acquire a significant decoration, comparable to a work of art, which will become a family value and will be passed down from generation to generation.