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The name of Saint Veronica is associated with the Holy Face of the suffering Savior. Veronica was in Jerusalem during the condemnation of the Lord Jesus Christ to the suffering of the cross. When the Savior carried His cross to Golgotha, she merged with the crowd of Jews and followed Him. Seeing Him, who fell under the weight of the cross, she took pity on Him and, running up, gave Him water. Having done this, she wiped His bloody face with a towel. Arriving home, she found that the face of the towel was covered with His face.

This towel of Saint Veronica eventually got to Rome and became known here under the name of the Holy Face. The baptistery crown is depicted on the brow of the Savior.

It is believed that Veronica was the most bleeding woman who received healing from touching the edge of the garment of Christ (Matthew 9: 20-22). According to one of the legends, she subsequently preached Christianity in the south of Gaul.

In Italy, there was a legend according to which she healed the emperor Tiberius with the help of his payment with the miraculous image of the Savior.

There is an opinion that Veronica's name is a distorted lat. Vera icon ("authentic image") - the so-called "motherboards of Veronica", distinguishing it from other images of Christ.

There is an opinion that Veronica is revered as a patroness of photographers and a photodel. Therefore, on the day of veneration of Saint Veronica, amateur and professional photographers celebrate as their professional holiday - the Day of the photographer.

The image of the righteous Veronica is distinguished by an unusual artistic decision that gives a special nobility to the product. Outside the royal kiot with the image of the saint, decorated with acanthus leaves and patterns, the silhouette of the board comes out with the Holy Face.

  • Catalogue no.: 14301
  • Metall: Gilded silver 22k
  • Height: 42 мм.
  • Width: 21 мм.


Sacred tradition associates the Righteous Veronica with the pious inhabitant of Jerusalem who wiped the face of the Saviour with her veil during his journey to Golgotha with the cross. The image of the lord miraculously manifested itself on the cloth and became an icon which was not made by hand. On the reverse of the piece are words exalting the Righteous Saint Veronica.
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