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Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Grand Duchess Olga, in the holy baptism of Elena, came from the genus Gostomysla, on the advice of which the Varangians were called to reign in Novgorod. She was born in Izborg (Pskov land) in a pagan family from the dynasty of princes Izborsk and was called Varangian name Helga, in Russian pronunciation - Olga. In 903 she became the wife of the Grand Duke of Kiev Igor.

After his murder in 945, the insurgent Drevlyans, the widow who did not wish to marry, laid upon herself the burden of state service with the three-year-old son Svyatoslav. The Grand Duchess entered history as a great creator of the state life and culture of Kievan Rus. In 954, Princess Olga went to Tsargrad with the purpose of a religious pilgrimage and a diplomatic mission, where she was received with honor. Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus. She was struck by the greatness of the Christian churches and the shrines they gathered in them. The sacrament of baptism was performed by the Patriarch of Constantinople Theophylact, and the emperor himself became the receptor; The name of the Russian princess was called in honor of St. Queen Helena, who received the Cross of the Lord.

The patriarch blessed the newly baptized princess with a cross carved from a single piece of the Life-Creating Tree of the Lord with the inscription: "Renew the Russian land with the Holy Cross, and Olga, the pious princess, took it." On her return from Byzantium, Olga jealously carried the Christian gospel. Prayers offered to the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Olga are capable of conferring and strengthening in the faith, healing, protection and help.