Saint Marina of Antioch Image for Necklace - Christening gifts

The Holy Great Martyr Marina lived at the end of the 3rd century, during the persecutions of the Christians of the Emperor Diocletian. Her father was a pagan priest in Antioch, but the nurse raised a girl in the Christian faith. When Marina was fifteen years old, the ruler of Olimrius, fascinated by her beauty, offered the girl to renounce Christ and become his wife, but she refused. Then Saint Marina was nailed to the blackboard and began to torment the body with tridents. At night, the saint was honored to visit Heaven and was healed of wounds. When the next day, tied to a tree, she was scorched by fire, the saint left unscathed. Then they decided to drown the martyr in a barrel.

Saint Marina prayed: "Lord, You have granted me to go through fire through your fire, so that I can pass through the water of holy baptism." Suddenly the light began to shine, and a snow-white dove with a golden crown in its beak descended from the sky. Saint Marina came out of the font completely healthy. The people, struck by a miracle, believed in the Lord Jesus Christ. Ruler Olimvri, enraged, ordered to decapitate the saint. At the same time, fifteen thousand Christians died. Subsequently, part of the relics of the Holy Great Martyr Marina was moved to Athos, to the Vatopedi monastery. Many miracles happen according to the prayers of Saint Marina. Saint Marina can help to convert an unbeliever, heal the sick, and direct him to the path of the doubter.