Saint Ludmila of Bohemia - Christening Images and Gifts

Blessed Ludmila, by the origin of the Serbian, was of a princely family. After marrying the Czech prince Borivoi, she moved to the Czech Republic - at that time another pagan country. Realizing the superiority of Christianity, the couple Borivoi and Ludmila received baptism from St. Methodius, the Enlightener of the Slavs.

They built the first church in Bohemia (near Prague), built other churches, and invited priests from Bulgaria to educate their subjects. When Prince Borivoi died at the age of 36, he left behind three sons and one daughter. Saint Ludmila, widowed, began to give her property to the poor and lead a strict pious life, for which the Czech people loved her. During the entire 33-year reign of her son Rostislav (Bratislava), St. Ludmila took care of strengthening Christianity in the Czech Republic. After Rostislav's death, his 18-year-old son, Vyacheslav, brought up in Christianity by Princess Ludmila, took the throne.

Dragomira, Vyacheslav's mother, tried to restore the Czechs to the old pagan beliefs and set up a persecution against Christians. She hated Ludmila and, using the youth of Vyacheslav, began to oppress her in every way, so that Ludmila had to leave Prague to the city of Techin. Here Dragomir sent two boyars with the mission to kill Ludmila. These boyars with the help of local intruders on Saturday night broke into the palace where St. Ludmila slept, grabbed her and strangled her with a rope. This happened in 928th year, when Ludmila turned 61 years old. Many miracles took place at the burial site of St. Ludmila: the blind saw it, the sick were healed, and candles were lit on the grave every night. Since then, Saint Ludmila is revered as the patroness of the Czech Republic and many miracles are performed according to her prayers. Especially it helps preaching Christians and people suffering from bodily ailments.