Saint Julia Images for Necklace - Christening Gifts

Saint Julia was from a noble family who lived in Carthage. After the capture of the city by the vandals of Genzerih in 439, she was seized and sold into slavery by a Syrian merchant named Eusebius. The young Christian woman served the master with zeal, remained faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ, incessantly prayed and led a strictly abstinent life.

The owner made a lot of efforts to turn Julia into paganism: he persuaded, threatened, seduced, but, convinced of her firmness, stepped back, respected his pious slave and left her alone.

Once Eusebius went on a ship to Gaul and took Julius along with other slaves. They landed in Corsica near the town of Nontsa, the day they brought a bull to the gods. Eusebius descended to the shore and joined the festival, but Julia, not wishing to worship idols, remained on the ship. When ruler Felix Saxo found out about this, he watered Eusebius, who refused to lead Julia to the shore, and when the merchant fell asleep, Felix commanded to lead Iulia and asked her to sacrifice to the gods.

The holy virgin was sentenced to death for refusal and especially for her bold response. The waking master of Julia found her already dying. At the same time, he and all those who were near saw the bright angels surrounding the martyr, and a snow-white dove emanating from her lips and ascending to heaven. So the soul of the holy maid of Julia, after long suffering in temporal life, flew to life eternal and blessed. On the death of the holy martyr, the Angel of the Lord informed the monks of the monastery on the neighboring island. The monks took the body of the saint and buried in the temple of his monastery. On the medallion the saint is depicted with a cross showing her devotion to the Savior, whom the young virgin likened even to the image of her death.