Irina Makedonskaya - Icons and images for Necklace

Saint Irina, a Slav native, lived in the second half of the first century and was the daughter of Likinia, the ruler of the city of Mageddon in Macedonia. Even in her youth, Irina understood the vanity of paganism and believed in Christ. According to tradition, she was baptized by the apostle Timothy, a disciple of the apostle Paul. Wishing to devote his life to God, Saint Irina refused marriage.

Realizing deeper the Christian faith, Saint Irina began to persuade and parents to become Christians. Likini, Irina's father, who at first listened favorably to her words, then became indignant at her, and when she refused to bow to idols, she threw her under the feet of wild horses. Not touching the martyr, the horses rushed to Likinia and crushed him to death. When, through the prayer of the saint, he was brought back to life, he believed in Christ himself and his entire family, and with them, and another 3,000 people.

Saint Irina began to boldly preach Christ among the inhabitants of Macedonia, for which she was subjected to many times humiliation and suffering. The torments of Irina were accompanied by miraculous signs that attracted many to faith. With the sermon on Christ of St. Irina visited many cities - Constantine, Mesembria, working miracles, healing the sick and undergoing suffering. In the city of Ephesus, the Lord revealed to her that the time of her passing was approaching. Then the saint Irina, accompanied by her teacher, the elder Apelian and other Christians, retired outside the city to a mountain cave and, crossing herself with the sign of the cross, entered it, indicating to her companions that they would close the entrance to the cave with a large stone. When Christians visited the cave, the holy bodies did not find it. The lost and guarded preachers pray by the prayers of Saint Irina.

  • Catalogue no.: 44253
  • Metall: Green gold 14k
  • Height: 23 мм.
  • Width: 12 мм.


This fine miniature jewellery figure in the form of a personal icon carries a depiction of a guardian angel holding an oval medallion which bears the sacred image of the Great Martyr Saint Irene of Macedonia, the daughter of the ruler Licinius who lived at the end of the 1st century. Irene is an early Christian saint who is venerated within the class of great martyrs and was the first woman to be venerated within this community of martyrs. She converted a large number of pagans to Christianity. On the reverse of the icon is a prayer dedicated to the saint.
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