Saint Empress Alexandra of Rome - Baptism Gift Collection

Saint Alexander of Rome, Emperor of Nicomedia, was the wife of the Emperor Diocletian, an ardent pagan and persecutor of Christians, and from birth was also a pagan.
Among the many Christians during the reign of Diocletian, St. George the Victorious also suffered. As a commander in chief, he was seized for the open confession of Christ. The Lord did not leave a martyr in his sufferings. When the Angel of the Lord himself delivered the saint from the deadly torture and healed his terrible wounds, many, including the queen of Alexander, seeing him unscathed, believed in Christ.

When the holy warrior George, in the name of the Lord Christ, destroyed the temple with idols and was again subjected to torture, the queen of Alexander could no longer conceal her faith in the Savior.

She went to the place where St. George was tormented, and, having fallen at the feet of the great martyr, before the whole people she confessed Christ to be the true God, declaring herself a Christian. Learning of this Diocletian, mad with anger, sentenced the queen to death and ordered her to be executed together with the holy warrior.

On the way to the place of execution the queen succumbed and asked the soldiers to let her rest a little. During a short rest she betrayed her spirit.

According to another legend, the death of the holy martyr was imaginary, and the Lord miraculously rescued her from death, so that she still served him along with her daughter, the holy martyr Valeria.

They spent many years in exile, and already under the emperor Likinia were beheaded for the confession of Christ, and their bodies were thrown into the sea.