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St. Cyril, Archbishop of Alexandria - one of the most significant theologians of his time, a continuer of the traditions of the Alexandrian school, the creator of the Christological doctrine. He was born in a noble and pious Christian family in 374. In addition to Holy Scripture, the saint studied secular sciences, including philosophy. In his youth St. Cyril entered the skete of St. Macarius in the Nitrij Mountains, where he stayed for six years. The Patriarch of Alexandria Theophilus (385-412) dedicated him to the rank of deacon, ranked him in the clergy, and, seeing his giftedness, instructed him to preach. After the death of Patriarch Theophilus, St. Cyril was elected to the patriarchal throne of the Alexandrian Church and headed the struggle against the heresy spreading in Alexandria, expelling the heretics from Alexandria.

St. Cyril ruled the Alexandrian Church for 32 years. In 403, when St. Cyril was still a deacon and accompanied his uncle, Archbishop Theophilus, to the Cathedral, convened against St. John Chrysostom, St. Cyril inherited the prejudice of Chrysostom for life. Once in a dream, he saw a marvelous temple in which was the Mother of God, surrounded by a host of Angels and Saints, among whom was St. John Chrysostom, who did not allow St Cyril to render Her worship. The Mother of God asked St. John to forgive St. Cyril: "Forgive him for me, for he worked hard for My honor, glorified Me among the people and called the Virgin." St. John answered: "According to Thine, Mistress, I forgive the intercession" - and then with love embraced and kissed St. Cyril. Having called all the Egyptian bishops, Saint Cyril celebrated the solemn celebration in honor of St. John Chrysostom.

St. Cyril died in 444, leaving many creations. Especially noteworthy are the Interpretations for the Gospel of Luke, from John, the Epistle of the Apostle Paul to the Corinthians and Hebrews.