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The Monk Alexy, a man of God, was born in Rome from noble and pious parents. For a long time, Senator Evtimian and his wife Aglaïda had no children, but the pious Aglaida did not give up hope. And God heard her, and sent them a son. Father called the baby Alexy (translated from Greek as "protector"). St. Alexis grew up a healthy child, studied well and diligently. When he reached adulthood, his parents decided to marry him to a girl of royal blood. But, after the wedding, alone with his young wife, Saint Alexy gave her his gold ring and belt buckle with parting words to keep it and left the marriage rest, that the same night leave his father's house in the name of serving the Lord. St. Alexius arrived on the ship to Laodicea in Syria, where he spent seventeen years in the city of Edessa, begging for the remainder of his property and dressing in rags, begging for charity in the porch of the church of the Theotokos.

In the meantime, the parents and the wife of St. Alexis, saddened by his disappearance, sent their servants to search. They also visited the temple, but, having given alms to alms, they did not recognize him.

One day, the Most Pure, appeared in a dream to the church watchman, discovered that the poor Alexis is a man of God. When the inhabitants of Edessa began to honor him, the Monk Alexy secretly fled. By the providence of God his ship, having got into a storm, was carried to his native shores, and the Monk Alexy saw this in the will of the Lord, asked the orphanage in his father's house where he lived for seventeen years under the guise of a blessed pilgrim, humbly enduring the mockeries of envious servants. When the hour of his death was near, the Monk wrote down his whole life.

On Sunday, after the Divine Liturgy, a miracle took place in the Cathedral of St. Peter the Apostle. The voice from above, descended from the holy throne, commanded to seek in the house of Euthymius the man of God, that he might pray for Rome. Evfimian, not knowing anything, heard from the servant about the righteousness of St. Alexis, but, hurrying to the monk, he did not find it any more alive. The face of a blessedly deceased saint shone with a light unearthly. In his hand the Monk Alexy held a tightly clamped scroll. By the prayer of the Emperor and the Pope, St. Alexis unclenched his hand, and the scroll with his biography was read by the reader of the temple. Father, mother and wife of Saint Alexy with weeping fell to the body of the saint, bowed to his honest remains. A bed with the body of St. Alexis was placed in the middle of the central square. People began to flock to him to purify themselves and to be rid of their infirmities. The dumb began to talk, the blind people began to see, the possessed and the mentally ill recovered.