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The collection "Vladimir Mikhailov" presents orthodox ornaments filled with timeless beauty, Old Russian color and Christian symbols, among which a special place is occupied by gold rings inlaid with precious stones. In our online store you can easily buy a ring with ruby, sapphire, emerald, topaz, diamonds or other inserts.

The follower of the Novgorod and Pskov art traditions of the 12th-13th centuries, Vladimir Mikhailov embodies images in his collections that are unsurpassed in expressiveness and meaningful fullness. All the works presented in the catalog are made according to unique sketches of the author, they differ in the harmony of composition and solemn sound. Each product demonstrates perfection of form and subtle execution, along with high quality and deep symbolism.

A wide selection of gold rings with a ruby in the collection of Vladimir Mikhailov will make it easy to find a gift filled with external charm and sacred meaning for yourself or a loved one. By embodying a small icon worn on the hand, a gold ring with a ruby will not only serve as a reminder of faith, but will also elegantly complement the style of its owner.

In the catalog "Vladimir Mikhailov" presents rings of gold, differing in the variety of Christian and Russian ornaments, filled with a sacred meaning. The central part of the guard ring "Song of the Theotokos" is made in the form of an octagonal Virgin star and is complemented by ancient Novgorod patterns and precious insert. The perimeter of the product is decorated with words of prayer and letters of the Old Slavonic letter framed by a line of miniature beads. Ring with a ruby "Save and save" shows a round pommel with a stone in the center, decorated with the finest calligraphy of the prayer to the Theotokos and added with the words "Save and save" on the rim of the article. Each work of the catalog has a special plasticity and an external flavor characteristic of real works of jewelry art.
In addition to precious inserts, Vladimir Mikhailov depicts on the orthodox rings revered icons and old Slavic emblems. The rhythm of each decoration is enriched by the harmonious calligraphy of the sacred texts and the dynamics of the vegetable ornament. Decorations with ruby are distinguished by a special aesthetics and expressiveness, to which it is impossible to remain indifferent. Along with the semantic fullness of all the products of the collection, the author's style and high quality of performance are also ensured by the durability of jewelry.

In the catalog of jewelry "Vladimir Mikhailov" you will find both women's elegant rings of gold, and an impressive selection of men's rings, made according to the original sketches of the orthodox jeweler. In the collection there are also solemnly decorated with precious stones gold rings, and restrained, fundamental models with ascetic patterns without inserts.
Continuing the age-old jewelry traditions and taking into account, at the same time, the modern sound, the artist Vladimir Mikhailov in his works embodies the noble beauty and artistic expressiveness. To buy a ring with a ruby in the collection of Vladimir Mikhailov as a gift to a close person or for oneself means to acquire a truly unique piece of jewelry that rightly claims to be a family heirloom. The choice of decoration will help orientation to an engraved motif that sets the semantic content of the composition. Also, it will be easier to decide on the purchase, if you focus on the manner of engraving of protective prayers. Depending on the general mood of the model, calligraphy can vary in style from subtle to smooth and strict, and it is verified accurately. It is also important to take into account the weight and width of the jewelry.

A rich assortment of authentic rings with a ruby in the catalog "Vladimir Mikhailov" will allow you to buy a significant decoration that will be passed down from generation to generation.