The Rings with Rubies - Orthodox gifts

Ruby is a rare stone, piercing red. Ornaments decorated with ruby are very popular today, especially rings with rubies. This is due to the fact that the ruby is both beautiful and of high quality. Its color can vary from dark red to purple. It is believed that the ruby is the second stone after the diamond in hardness. The degree of its shine is often compared with the brilliance of a diamond. Therefore it is not surprising that once the ruby was considered the most expensive precious stone and stood more expensive than a diamond.

What causes the popularity of the ring with ruby

Golden rings with a ruby fascinate, attract the eye, delight. In the East, the ring with ruby is attributed to mystical properties, protection from evil spirits, charms, bad dreams. In ancient times it was believed that gold rings with ruby can neutralize the effect of poison and can save from lightning. In some peoples, the ring with a ruby is perceived as a charm, it is believed that it can protect from ill-wishers and induce courage, courage, which is quite probable, since the color of the ruby is quite rich and magical.

But the most popular belief is that if you give a loved one a ring with a ruby, then the answer will necessarily be mutual feelings. So a gold ring with a ruby is one of the most popular among lovers. The ring, decorated with a ruby, will be an excellent gift. A bright and slightly aggressive red color symbolizes such character traits as strength, courage, dignity. And at the same time personifies the strongest feelings - love.

Who should wear a ring with a ruby in orthodox traditions

Buy a ring with a ruby on the gift would be appropriate for people of risky professions: seafarers, travelers, firemen, climbers. Ideal gift ring with a ruby will also be for people who prefer extreme sports. It is believed that the stone has certain therapeutic properties: it returns the strength after the illness, improves memory, cleanses the blood. Buy a gold ring with a ruby can be in the studio of Vladimir Mikhailov. The master creates unique jewelry that impresses with its filigree, elaboration of the smallest details, exquisite design. You easily find a ring with a ruby for a gift to a loved one, and we will quickly arrange the delivery.