Lord Save and Protect Rings - Baptism Gift Collection

Long since the symbols depicted on Christian rings, consisting of letters and various emblems, were a brief expression of the dogma. The tradition of putting on the rings of the protective prayer "Save and Save" in Russia came from Byzantium together with the new religion and has survived to this day. Today, as in former times, the "Save and Save" ring is considered one of the main symbols of the Orthodox faith, comparable in meaning to the actual icons and crosses. Decorated with a concise text of prayer, the product allows the believer to turn to God at any time and remember spiritual values.

The collection of jewelry by Vladimir Mikhailov presents a wide assortment of rings "Save and Save", supplemented by other Orthodox symbols. Exclusive rings are made by unique sketches of an original artist.

In the online store "Vladimir Mikhailov" you will find both the ring "Save and Preserve" the female, and laconic models of men's rings. Continuing the ancient Orthodox traditions, the artist integrates into modern decorations timeless images of icons, always relevant texts of prayers and names of heavenly patrons. Due to the clarity of Orthodox images, each golden ring "Save and Preserve" serves as a reminder to its owner about the faith and presence of God. Being a kind of small icon worn on the hand, a highly artistic product with Christian symbols often becomes a family heirloom and is inherited.

According to the Orthodox canons, any Christian can wear the "Save and Save" ring. It is believed that the ornament protects the believer from unkind thoughts, fills with spiritual power. According to the custom that has survived to the present day, actual products are often used at the wedding ceremony, where they replace the newlyweds with standard wedding rings.

Buy the "Save and Save" ring, endowed with Orthodox and artistic value, you can on our website and in the author's salons "Vladimir Mikhailov". The artist, reviving the traditions of old Novgorod and Pskov masters, embodies the oldest orthodox ornaments in the small plastic of his jewelry, turning each piece of jewelry into a unique piece of jewelry art.

The collection of Vladimir Mikhailov already includes more than 60 models of rings "Save and Save", among which are:
• Classic rings "Save and Save" with longitudinal calligraphy, where the relief is the Old Russian stylized letters with a traditional inscription. Being the sign of Christ and the Blessed Virgin, the products are framed by pearl surroundings, have classic smooth edges and contain the emblem of the eight-pointed cross.
• Wide, with a transverse calligraphy model combines the ornate inscription "Save and Save", engraved as if by hand. Calligraphy of prayer is combined in one case with a smooth field, in the other - with delicate decor in the form of a through whimsical ligature of a stylized clover.
• The rings "The Song of the Mother of God" and "Jesus Prayer" connect the unity of the artistic embodiment. Prayer is written out transversely in a low relief, bordered by pearl surroundings and a frame of acanthus leaves embodying the legend of Paradise.
• The security ring "Vine" is made in the form of a continuous plant motif of the vine. The product is characterized by openwork and transparency, which makes it even more refined and elegant. In the complex ornate drawing, the Old Slavonic letters of the longitudinal inscription "Save and Save" are organically inscribed. In addition to external beauty, the ring symbolizes the inseparable unity of believers with Christ.

A rich variety of Orthodox ornaments "Vladimir Mikhailov" will allow his future owner to pick up the "Save and Save" ring for any style and way of life. In our online store you will find exclusive products from silver, platinum and gold, filled with deep symbolism.
Highly honoring the old traditions, Vladimir Mikhailov creates orthodox decorations unsurpassed in spiritual strength and artistic significance. You can buy a unique piece of jewelry for yourself or as a gift to a loved one in our author's salons or on the website. In the catalog of orthodox jewelry you will find a full assortment of security rings, you can get acquainted with the technical characteristics and the price of the models you like.