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Righteous Anna the Prophetess came from the tribe of Asirova, was the daughter of Fanuel. Having married, she lived with her husband for 7 years, after which she was widowed, having remained childless. Instead of marrying again, the righteous Anna took the heroic deed to devote her life to God and, settling near the temple of Jerusalem, persevered with him, spending her days in fasting and prayer. Vdovitsa Anna led a strict pious life to the old age, "did not depart from the temple, fasting and praying serving God day and night", for which she was honored by the Lord of great joy - to see with her own eyes the God of the Son and to tell all the people in Jerusalem about the birth of the Savior. For her strict restrained life, fasting and incessant prayer, she was overshadowed by the Holy Spirit, who revealed to her the truth about the Infant brought to the temple, and endowed with the divine gift of prophecy. When the righteous Anna was 84 years old, she was honored to see in the Jerusalem temple the Infant Jesus Christ brought for consecration to God as the first-born according to the law of Moses. It was the day of the fortieth Christmas, when the Blessed Virgin Mary and Her betrothed Joseph came to the temple to perform a ritual according to the Jewish law - to present to the Lord their Divine Firstborn and to offer the sacrifice they had made. Then the righteous elder Simeon, to whom it was also foretold to be convinced of the rightness of the Holy Scripture and to see God in the flesh, took in the arms of the God-child, blessing the Mother of God and Joseph.

Saint Anna was in the vicinity. Coming to the Holy Family, she began to praise the Lord and prophesied of Him, to all the people who desire deliverance in Jerusalem. Anna the prophetess was the last righteous person of the departing Old Testament, who was granted to meet in the temple of the Bearer of the Covenant of the New, in whose Face Divinity and humanity had already met. All the people knew about her holiness and her righteous service to the Most High, and therefore this event was one of the first portents of the future actions of Jesus Christ.
This moment of the life of Jesus Christ, described in the Gospel of Luke, the Church considers so significant that she dedicated one of the twelve (most important twelve) feasts in the church year. This holiday is called - Meeting (Meeting). The memory of the righteous Anna the Prophetess also falls on February 3, when she remembers with the righteous Simeon the God-granter for the supremacy of the Meeting of the Lord.

According to the popular belief, the righteous Anna the Prophetess especially pray for the health of babies.