Righteous Anna the Prophetess

Saint Anna the Prophetess is the only woman of the New Testament, who is called the Prophetess. About the life of St. Anna, very little reliable information has been preserved. The Gospel says that Anna is the daughter of Fanuilov, after her husband's death, she did not remarry. Saint Anna is mentioned in the event when the Christ child was brought to the Jerusalem temple.

Throughout her long life, St. Anna led a righteous lifestyle, she served God with her prayer and fasting. When she saw the Savior in the Jerusalem church, in confirmation of the prophecy of Simeon the God-bearer, she began preaching the message of the Messiah.

Icon of St. Anne the Prophetess and its meaning

Initially in the Old Russian tradition, Saint Anna was depicted on the icons of the Presentation of the Lord behind the Virgin, sometimes in profile with a prophetic gesture or pointing finger at Christ. Often, Anna the Prophet was represented as an old woman with an extremely gaunt face and gray hair. In some of the paintings, Saint Anna holds a detailed or collapsed list, on which words are written about the imminent release of all those living in Jerusalem. There is another version of the text, which refers to the baby who created heaven and earth.

Holy Anna the Prophetess is honored on August 28 and February 3. This saint is recognized as the patroness of widows, nuns and single women. Usually St. Anne pray for a righteous lifestyle in solitude and widowhood, strengthening strength in prayer and fasting, support in childlessness. Saint Anna is also considered the patroness of babies. It should be treated with prayers if the child falls ill. For the fact that Anna led a righteous and pious lifestyle, she was awarded the right to see in the temple a newborn Christ. To treat with prayer to Saint Anne the Prophetess is for those who lack humility in life, who desires to get rid of sorrow, wants to resist temptations and live righteously.

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