Orthodox and Baptismal Online Shop

To date, the Orthodox store "Vladimir Mikhailov" is considered one of the leading jewelry stores where you can buy exclusive Orthodox products. Recently, among Orthodox online stores, there has been a noticeable increase in purchases of crosses and guard rings, which is not surprising, because this is the main spiritual defense of any Christian. But besides that, Orthodox shops have many exclusive ornaments that are also popular: Easter eggs, spoons, pendants, rings. They are purchased as souvenirs, for a gift.

Cross in an Orthodox online store

Since the adoption of Christianity in Russia, the cross is not just a way of communicating with the Christian world, but the most important sacral element that protects the believer from all misfortunes and misfortunes. The Orthodox online store of the artist-jeweler Vladimir Mikhailov represents a wide choice of the crosses. Here you will find both the most common models (eight-pointed), and the more rare variants (curved crosses). The high professionalism of the jewelers who revived the ancient technique of the Novgorod masters guarantees that you will not find such products anywhere else.

Rings in Orthodox online store

The security ring is another common piece of jewelry, without which the Orthodox store would be imperfect. Smooth or threaded - such rings are the best gift for a believer. The floral ornament gives the ring an originality, and the image of the vine is most like the female audience. However, the most important element of any ring represented in our Orthodox store is the short prayer "Save and Preserve", which gives it a sacred meaning. If the natty cross is considered in the Orthodox world by a wordless prayer, then the guard ring is a suitable element for the shortest and at the same time a strong prayer-appeal to God.

Exclusive Ornaments in Orthodox Store

Among other items presented in the Orthodox store of Vladimir Mikhailov you will find pendants in the form of the Bethlehem star, Easter and Christmas angels, holy martyrs and great martyrs. Without exaggeration, we can say that today the Orthodox online store of Vladimir Mikhailov is a unique place where high-quality jewelry can be purchased at a reasonable price.