Orthodox and Baptismal Jewellery Gifts - Buy online

Orthodox ornaments are increasingly attracting the attention of people who are not indifferent to spiritual development and jewelry mastery. The "Vladimir Mikhailov" catalog is an ideal place for searching authentic authentic crosses, guard rings or precious orthodox rings. Here you can also buy pendants with images of saints and table jewelry icons.

The artist, reviving the ancient artistic tradition of portraying Orthodox images, in his jewelry pays particular attention to ornament, the application of prayer texts and the plastic of precious metals. A key cross of the Orthodox tradition is the native cross.

The online store "Vladimir Mikhailov" offers an impressive selection of crosses made according to the unique sketches of the master. Jewelry orthodox crosses are mainly made of gold, platinum and silver. All the crosses are distinct and distinctive. Each piece of jewelry is endowed with a special Orthodox history and symbolic meaning.

The tradition of wearing all kinds of jewelry is preserved for many centuries among all the peoples of the world. The custom of decorating the body with Christian symbolism originated in Rome with the appearance of religion itself. In Russia, Orthodox ornaments began to be worn after universal baptism under Prince Vladimir. Initially, gold crosses and precious icons could afford only wealthy people. The poor, as a sign of adherence to Christianity, worn jewelry from inexpensive metals. Today, almost every believing Christian can buy a cross or an image of silver or gold. The choice of orthodox jewelry is rich.
Vladimir Mikhailov in his jewelry works revives the artistic technique of depicting spiritual images, which was born in the 12th-13th centuries in Veliky Novgorod and Pskov. The masterful execution of Orthodox ornaments amazes with refinement and due modesty, with strict observance of Christian traditions. The Orthodox jewelry of Vladimir Mikhailov is distinguished not only by the presence of a biblical story and artistic expressiveness, but also by the high quality, characteristic of real works of art.

An important place in the collection "Vladimir Mikhailov" is occupied by such orthodox decorations as security rings and rings that continue the traditions of Novgorod jewelers. The thin work of the master in each product demonstrates the harmonious calligraphy of Orthodox prayer and the jeweler grace of the pattern. Security rings, as a rule, are made of gold or platinum and are encrusted with precious stones. Medallions and icons are also endowed with Orthodox aesthetics. Jewelry is made of silver with gilding, green and white gold, some models are decorated with diamonds.

The nature of the execution of jewelry icons, like Orthodox crosses, is marked by deep symbolism.

In the hands of true connoisseurs of art and traditions, the unique orthodox decorations of the Vladimir Mikhailov collection acquire the status of family relics and rightly claim to be passed on from generation to generation.