Martyr Saint Daria of Rome - Images, Icons for Necklace

The beautiful Darius was the priestess of Athena Pallada. She was married to the young man Chrysanthus, who openly preached the Gospel. Saint Chrysanthus turned his wife to Christ, and the young couple decided to lead a virgin life by mutual consent.

After the death of their father, they began to live in separate houses. Saint Chrysanthus gathered around him several young men turned to Christ, and around the holy Dariya pious women gathered. The townspeople complained to the authorities about the preaching of celibacy by their spouses, they were brought to court and tortured, demanding sacrifice to the pagan gods.

The tormentors gave the Holy Darius to the lechery. But there she was guarded by a lion sent by God. Everyone who tried to defile the saint, the lion fell to the ground, but left alive. The martyr preached to them Christ and turned to the way of salvation. Then at the door of the house where Darius was sitting with the lion, the fire was lit: Darius blessed the lion to go into the desert, without touching anyone, she herself remained unharmed.

Saint Chrysanthus was imprisoned and sentenced to public torture. He was thrown into a foul pit, where all the impurities of the city flowed, but Heaven's Light shone out to him, and instead of the stench of the pit was filled with fragrance.

After the torment, the martyrs were executed - they were put alive in a ditch and showered. The cave, located near the place of execution, began to gather Christians and perform services. Learning of this, the pagan authorities ordered to fall asleep the entrance to the cave, filled with prayers.

On the image of the right hand the saint raises a cross, her left hand is opened in a blessing gesture. On the right, in the heavenly glow to her face stretched the blessing hand of the Savior. Saint Darius helps to receive the gift of humility and repentance, guarding against demonic temptations and false teachings.