Male chains from Vladimir Mikhailov

There are not many jewelry worn by men. The men's chain is the main one. The tradition of wearing a chain of precious metals around the neck is very ancient. At all times, men have chosen gold or silver chains for themselves in order to demonstrate prosperity, power and might. Today this accessory is also able to emphasize the individual style, character, attitude to life. Men's chain - a universal decoration, which is suitable for any suit and type of clothing.

Which men's chains to choose from?

The choice of the male chain is not simple. Decoration should be both sufficiently statutory, and durable, and reliable, since men usually lead a more active lifestyle. Also important is the color of the metal. Usual yellow gold in most men does not cause enthusiasm. Brilliant and bright decorations are more suitable for women. For the male chain, the great options are green gold, platinum, silver, which truly look strictly and restrained, but very attractive.
Making a gold, platinum or silver male chain is a painstaking job. All the men's chains in our collection look beautiful and solid, have a lot of weight and high quality.
In the jewelry business, it is also customary to distinguish several types of weaving of male chains. There are three most used technologies of weaving - anchor, bismarck and shell. On their basis jewelers have created about 50 types of various ways of weaving chains. Men often prefer chains with massive and solid weaving bismarck. Choosing an ornament, you need to pay special attention to its length. As a rule, the length of men's chains varies from 40 to 70 cm. It is believed that men should choose chains longer than 50 cm. First of all, one should focus on comfort - the male chain should not fit snugly around the neck.

Where to buy a man's chain?

Buying a male chain of precious metals will not be a problem. The catalog of artist-jeweler Vladimir Mikhailov presents a huge selection of quality jewelry. You can easily find the most suitable for the size, design and material of the male chain. These are unique ornaments of very fine work that are of the highest quality. In the exclusive adornments, the Novgorod art tradition and the finest art are traced.