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The holy martyr John the Warrior served in the imperial army of Julian the Apostate. Along with other warriors, he was sent to persecute and kill Christians. Remaining in appearance as a persecutor, St. John in fact rendered persecuted Christians a great help: those who were seized, released, others warned of the danger that threatened them, facilitated their escape. St. John showed mercy not only to Christians, but to all who are in need and who need help: visiting the sick, comforting the mourners. When Julian the Apostate learned of the actions of the saint, he imprisoned him for treason.

In 363, the persecutor was killed in the war with the Persians. St. John was released and dedicated his life to serving his fellow man, living in holiness and purity. He lived his life unceasingly exercising in prayers and fasting, despite all the machinations inculcated by unbelievers, until the end of his days he remained a zealous Christian.

Having completed his life in everything is pleasing, Saint John died in a very old age. Going to the Lord, he was buried in Constantinople, in the place where the pilgrims were buried.
The year of the death of St. John the Warrior is not exactly known and the burial place of the Savior of God was gradually forgotten. But after much time, he appeared to one pious woman, named his name and in revelation told about all the deeds that he committed, also indicating the place of his repose. So the grave of the Holy became known in the district. His relics were found in the church of the Apostle John the Theologian in Constantinople. The Lord bestowed upon the holy relics of John the Warrior the gracious power of healing. By the prayers of the Holy, the grieved and grieving are consoled, the pagans and atheists are on the right path. St. John performs other miracles. Especially he is known for exposing theft and revealing the stolen. Such works of miracles enriched the God of St. John for his virtuous life.

In the Russian Church, John the Warrior is sacredly honored as a great helper in sorrows and various everyday circumstances. To him, all needy and distressed, sick and unjustly convicted seek help.

Prayers for St. John are exalted in many different ways, but they should begin with Akathist to the holy wonderworker John the Warrior. Appeal to St. John the Warrior, asking for help and guidance, about healing and before starting a new business.

Not for nothing is the Holy Warrior portrayed on the icon with three indispensable attributes: a cross, a spear and a shield. The cross - the faith carried through all trials, the spear - the power given by the Almighty in the name of war with sin and unbelief, the shield is the protection of the Lord, capable of protecting the slave who is loyal to Him from all misfortunes.

The feast day of St. John the Warrior is celebrated on July 30.

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Saint John the Warrior is honoured as a great source of help in affliction and adversity. This holy martyr served in the imperial army of Julian the Apostate (361–363 AD). Alongside other soldiers, he was among the persecutors of Christians, but in fact he did much to help them: he freed captives, warned of impending danger, and aided escapes. The Lord has given the holy relics of Saint John the Warrior the blessed power of healing. The prayers of Saint John can give comfort in all manner of pain and affliction.
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