John Baptist Cross with Pendant - Christening Gifts

The multi-petalled rosette, embracing the central part of the Crucifixion John the Baptist, resembles a solar disk. The crucifixion is as if depicted in a sunny halo, reminding of the Easter celebration of the Church. In the canon of Easter, Christ is likened to "the Sun, who sometimes went to the grave." The flower of the head and the bunch of grapes in the form of a suspension make the appearance of the product especially festive. The solemn radiance of the Holy Resurrection seems to break through the night of the Calvary Passions. In the icon of the Paschal canon, it is said that the Savior descends into the Sepulcher like the Divine Sun.


Christ is depicted on the cross "John the Baptist" with his face down, his hands stretched out, with painfully manifested ribs. "Today the Lord and creatures, and the Lord of glory on the Cross is nailed, and in the ribs is tested, the bile and the octa is tasted by the Church Sweetness." The perforated rib of the Savior, as it is said in liturgical texts, exudes the river of life. "A pure ribbon, a copy of the perforated, water with blood expires, renewing the Covenant and washing sin." The shape of the crucified Christ can be associated with His priestly ministry: the prominent ribs resemble the triple ostrich episcopal reptilian. On the reverse side is the image of John the Baptist of the Desert Angel. St. John the Baptist is compared with the Angel, thanks to his immaculate life. "Angel" means "messenger".


The Holy Prophet was sent to "prepare the way for the Lord," to preach about the coming Heavenly Kingdom. Similar images of St. John is widely spread in Russia in the era of Ivan the Terrible, who honored the memory of this saint - the teacher of repentance. In the hands of the Forerunner is the eucharistic vessel with the Child Christ. Such iconography is found in the altars of the altars of 17th-century churches, in particular, in the works of the Moscow-Yaroslavl school. "Behold the Lamb of God," as the prophet John says, pointing to Christ. Carrying the life cross is always a work on yourself, always repentance and hope. St. John the Baptist will remind not only of the grace of baptism, of which the breastplate is the symbol, but also of the grace of repentance - the second baptism.