Immanuel the Saviour - Baptism Icons Gifts

The image of Christ in the form of a youth is called "Savior Emmanuel". "Emmanuel" means "God is with us". This name first appears in Isaiah's prophecy of the coming Incarnation: "So the Lord Himself will give you a sign:" All the Virgin in the womb will receive and bear the Son, and they will call his name Emmanuel "(Isaiah 7:14). The symbolic meaning of this image is connected with the theme of the Sacrifice: the young Christ in this case is likened to the sacrificial Lamb.

After the 12th century, icons with the image of Emmanuel surrounded by the worshiping Angels are especially popular. Represented usually with intimate hands, the Angels worship Christ as a Sacrifice. In such ancient Russian paintings of Novgorod, as the frescoes of the Savior of Nereditsa or the Annunciation Church in Myachin, the figure of the Savior Emmanuel is included in the altar composition "St. Fathers. "

The product offered to your attention is a miniature icon with the image of Christ the Boy with a prayer to the Cross on the back. The outline of the icon frames the acanthus in the form of leaves, the elongated title emphasizes the compositional compactness of the thing.

This image can be recommended as a gift not only to the child as a sign of divine patronage from birth, but also to every Christian who wants to wear on his chest not only a cross, but also an icon of the Savior.