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One of the most important religious attributes is the native image of saints. Icons with images of saints are worn around the neck, as they protect and protect a person from evil. Native images are primarily a symbol of faith, which confirms belonging to Christianity, and only then decoration. However, such images can also be exquisite jewelry, striking in its beauty and original design.

The body image should be distinguished from the cross. The fact is that the cross is considered a strong symbol of faith, which every baptized person must necessarily wear, unlike the image. The cross can not be replaced by a native icon, since it will only be a visual image of a saint and additional protection. To such an icon, prayers can be offered in both difficult and happy times. But wearing a natural image is not equated to wearing a cross.

Motifs of the images of the saints

Jewelers use the most famous and widespread church images to create the nude images. These include the images of the Guardian Angel, the Image of Christ, Nicholas the Wonderworker, St. George the Victorious, Matrona of Moscow, Xenia of Petersburg, Holy Trinity, Alexander Nevsky. Equally popular among believers is the icon, which depicts the Mother of God with the infant Jesus. On such an image, the Mother of God holds Jesus in her arms.

A popular motif, which is also often seen on the body images, is the Savior Not Made by Hands. According to legend, one artist could not draw the face of Christ from nature in any way. Then Christ wiped his face with a linen plate, on which then his portrait appeared. This shrine subsequently became one of the most famous arguments in favor of the existence of God. That is why images of the Savior Not Made by Hands can be found today on a large number of icons. Christians also choose the nude images depicting Nicholas the Miracle-Worker, who is considered one of the most revered saints.

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