Holy Prince Daniel of Moscow - Icons and Images for Necklace

The Holy Prince Daniel of Moscow was born in 1261 and was the fourth son of the Holy Grand Duke Alexander Nevsky. In life, the holy Prince Daniel was distinguished by piety, gentleness and peace. All the days of his life, no one inflicted any damage on his power, and he himself did not attempt to acquire by force other people's domains, thanks to God for the blessed heritage granted to him - the power of the glorious city of Moscow. Since the time of the blessed prince Daniil, the honor and glory of the belltower and the high priesthood have begun to approach the God-loving city of Moscow. In 1302, the Moscow principality increased due to the peaceful annexation of the Pereyaslav Principality.

However, the holy prince did not enjoy ambitiousness, but, being protected by the fear of God, he succeeded in brotherly love. God-pleasedly reigning in the Moscow limits, the holy prince Daniel built a monastery behind the Moskva River, which became known by his name Danilovsky. In this monastery the prince himself took a monastic vows. By adopting the schema, the holy, blessed prince, at the age of 42, peacefully departed to the Lord on March 4, 1303. August 30, 1652 his relics were found incorruptible.

  • Catalogue no.: 44275
  • Metall: Green gold 14k
  • Height: 34 мм.
  • Width: 16 мм.


This icon contains a sacred image of Saint Blessed Prince Daniel of Moscow. The emergence of Moscow as a religious centre occurred during the reign of Prince Daniel Aleksandrovich (13th century). The prince cared warmly for the spiritual enlightenment of his subjects, and was canonized by the Orthodox Church in the 16th century. Both then and now, Orthodox Christians address prayers to the saint for religious instruction and the enlightenment of themselves and those close to them. On the reverse is a prayer to the saint.
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