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The Holy Martyr Eugene of Trapezund, along with other martyrs Candide, Valerian and Aquile, suffered for the faith in Christ in the reign of Diocletian and Maximian from the ruler of Lysias. Valerian, Candide and Aquila were captured in the mountains of Trapezont, as with the onset of severe persecution they left their homes, all their possessions and the whole world of vanity, and wandered in the mountains, preferring to live with beasts than with idolaters idolaters. The captured three martyrs were sent to the city of Pina in the Larsiia country in heavy confinement, and then brought to Trebizond and presented to the ruler Lysia. When the saints questioned about the Christian faith and encouraged to bring in the idolatrous victims showed disobedience, then they were first beaten by the naked with veins, and then they were hanged and ironed with iron claws, scorching with that burning candles. The Holy Strength was strengthened by the Divine power invisibly in them among the torments. She suddenly so terrified the tormentors that they fell prostrate, like the dead. Seeing this, Lysias was horrified and commanded to take the martyrs to prison. A few days later Eugene was captured and severely beaten for the confession of the name of Jesus Christ. When the governor went to the idol church, followed by the martyr Eugene, according to Eugene's prayer, the idols fell and crumbled to dust. Then the hands and feet of the martyr were tied up with ropes and, stretching it on the ground, they beat. After the long torment of all four holy martyrs, they were thrown together into a fiery furnace, and when they came out without harm to themselves, they were cut with a sword.

According to the prayer of St. Eugene performed miracles. The most numerous are miracles, where the saint acts as a defender of monastic interests, monitors the safety of property and cares about the prosperity of the monastery, often the saint acts as a healer giving counselors suffering moral support.

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This is a miniature pin in the form of an angel with open wings, who is holding an icon bearing the sacred image of the Great Martyr Saint Eugene of Trebizond. Having proclaimed his devotion to Christ during the persecution of the Christians, the saint acted as an example of steadfast faith and devotion, for which he died a martyr’s death at the hands of the ruler of Lycia during the reign of Diocletian. It is known that miracles have occurred after prayers to Saint Eugene, most often within monastic circles.
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