The Holy Great Martyr Valentine - History

The Holy Martyr Christov Valentine came from Rhodostol, the Mizi city. He was a warrior and was in the service of the igemon of that country Ausolana. In that country there were many idolaters who sacrificed demons, because the rulers of the country, under the threat of torture and execution, forced people to worship idols. On Christians and the Church of Christ, persistent persecution was perpetrated and brutal punishments were committed against all those who believed in Christ. So the followers of Christ, fearing torment, fled and hid.


Saint Valentine was one of those who openly and boldly declared himself a Christian and, glorifying the True God, cursed soulless idols. For these good deeds, he, along with other Christians, was captured by pagans and brought to the trial, where they were forced to burn incense before the idol of Apollo. One of the convicted, Pasikrat, spat on the idol of Apollo, refusing to sacrifice. Other convicts, including St. Valentine, also did not perform sacrifices, for which they were immediately thrown into prison.


Soon they were again asked to go to Igemon. St. Valentine, appearing at the trial, uttered the same words as the other executed Christian, Pasikrat, that the body is mortal, and the soul is eternal and despises all visible torments. He expressed his complete willingness to endure for Christ all the suffering, for which they were both sentenced to beheaded by the sword. They were led out of town and cut off the heads of both. The Holy Martyr Valentine was 30 years old when he died for Christ. Now he is honored as a warrior of Christ and occupies an honorable place among the Holy Heavenly Host.


Scapular of the Holy Martyr Valentine, undergarments worn, protects the danger of apostasy and verootrecheniya, as well as strengthens the spirit of the wearer and protects his mind from all sorts of demonic interpretations.


Day of Remembrance of St. Valentine is celebrated on April 24th.