Healing image of Our Lady Pantanassa - Baptism Images, Gifts

The image of the Virgin "Vsezaritsy on the throne," or in Greek, the Mother of God "Pantanassa", became famous for the numerous healings of cancer patients.

In the 17th century a strange man appeared before the icon of the Mother of God "Vsezaritsa". He stood, muttering something inaudible. And suddenly the face of the Mother of God flashed "like lightning," and an invisible force threw the man to the ground. Only he came to himself, immediately went to confess to fathers with tears in his eyes, that he lived away from God, practiced magic and came to a monastery to test his power on holy icons. The miraculous intervention of the Mother of God convinced the young man to change his life and become pious. He was healed of mental distress and after that stayed on Athos. So this icon first showed its miraculous power. In the 17th century, she was first written off by a Greek monk and gradually became known throughout the world as a healer of cancer.

The very name of the icon - "Vsezposzha", "The Lady" - speaks of its special, all-encompassing power: "Vsezaritsa" has the grace to heal the most terrible disease of modern mankind. On the other side of the medallion is the Healer Panteleimon. In his hands, an ark with healers and a spoon for their consumption. St. Panteleimon became famous for his firm courage during the torment, perceived from the Gentiles, and Christlike mildness. Confirmation of the extraordinary humility and divine dispassion of the saint was that his wounds at the time of death exuded milk, and I am honest head, kept on Mount Athos, - a fragrant mira.

The oval medallion of classical form with images of the Blessed Virgin and Healer Panteleimon differs in the expression of images and decorative. In addition to the Most Holy Theotokos on the icon you can see Angels worshiping the God-given Christ as the King of Glory.