The Holy Martyr Valentine from the city of Caesarea

The information about this martyr is very scarce and scarce. It is known that she suffered for the faith of Christ in Palestine in 308 under Maximian II Galeria. The Holy Martyr Valentine came from the city of Caesarea. Now in the place of this city are only ruins, but during the reign of Emperor Maximian it was one of the great and magnificent cities of the Mediterranean.

Martyrdom of his Holy Valentine took from Firmilian, the ruler of the Palestinian region. She was a pious girl and a profoundly Christian woman. She was brought to court to Firmilian on charges of not reading pagan gods. The ruler immediately ordered her to sacrifice to idols and, for this purpose, ordered her to be taken to a pagan temple that is not far from the court. But, being brought to the temple, Valentina, instead of sacrificing idols, had the courage to throw a stone into the flaming fire of the altar and turn her back to him. Then Firmilian, enraged at her insolence and disobedience, commanded mercilessly to beat her on the ribs, and then to cut with the sword. Despite the fact that Saint Valentine was sentenced to various tortures and shameful execution, she, with the assistance of the Grace of Christ, endured her torment with great courage and offered thanks before God to God, that then, submissively bowing to the sword, be put into his hands.

In those ancient times, wicked people served idols, and many worshiped the creation and work of their own hands, but among them the faith of many holy Christians, including St. Valentine, shone. She, moving away from all evil, lived her short life gentle and righteous, pleasing and blameless. On the church of Christ, frequent persecutions were erected and many of the righteous, endured with martyrdom, were awarded the crown of martyrdom.

St. Valentine is an example of gentleness and piety, and at the same time, of selfless courage, such as befits Christians to defend their faith. She, not afraid of pain and death, did not turn away from the Lord of the loving and merciful, did not evade the true path. And today, being in Heaven, Saint Valentine is called upon to help all those tried for the faith, as well as being put into doubt. The image of it, worn at all, will save the wearer from immersion in the devil's teachings, keeping his heart in purity and holiness.

St. Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 10.