Gold Women Rings - Baptism Rings Gifts

The cross is needed for every believing person. The tradition of decorating Orthodox crosses, or titters, as they have long called them in Russia, has a very long tradition. The main element of the cross is the Crucifixion, it reminds the Christians of the terrible execution on Calvary, where Jesus Christ was martyred. First of all, this symbolizes the cross, which every believer should remember while wearing it.

A gold cross, female, male or child, is worn under clothing, directly "on the body," hence the second name of such a cross is "native". He is the most significant symbol of the Christian faith. It must be remembered that the gold cross of a woman is not an ornament, but something much more. It's a memory. But not only. The cross also has a tremendous power that protects the person who wears a cross, heals him physically and spiritually, helps maintain faith, and gives mental strength. The cross must necessarily be consecrated. Without a special ceremony of consecration and prayers read over the cross, the priest is a jewel, a common thing worn by a woman for beauty. And only the consecrated golden cross of a woman becomes for the girl or woman the source of the Grace of the Lord. This must be remembered in the event that you are planning to buy a gold cross in a jewelry store.

A gold female cross is not necessarily worn on a gold chain, you can use a simple simple rope. The main thing is that the cross firmly and firmly held on to it. Such a cross can be as simple as it is refined, with precious stones. His external design remains with the choice of a woman who is going to wear it. The shape of the cross can also be different - it can be eight-beam, and six-and four-beam. It can be even more original form - a teardrop, petal, curved cross. The famous Dmitry Rostov said about the cross: "Not according to the number of ends the Cross of Christ is revered by us, but by Christ himself." This means that the power of the cross is not in its form, but the volume, the symbol of what it is.

Acquiring a golden cross for women, we do not think about what impression it will produce on others, but about our own salvation, our spiritual health. Therefore, it is so important to buy not the first cross, but the cross that attracted the most, which caused some kind of sincere response. This is the thing that will be with you all your life. It is no accident that the priest in the ceremony of the consecration of the cross makes a request to keep not only the soul, but also the body of its bearer from evil forces and spirits. The cross really gives strength and heals - but only if you carry it with faith.