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Golden inlays began to be worn even in the Byzantine Empire. In those early years, gold icons were considered a complement to the ordinary cross. Today, the tradition has not changed. As before, gold icons are worn only with a cross, because it is the main symbol of the faith of Christians. However, today the golden icons are also considered orthodox jewelry. They are made of various precious metals, but gold icons on the neck are very popular.

Neck In-Gold Icons


Gold is considered to be one of the most popular materials, from which the Orthodox attributes are most often made. This is due to its functionality, durability and aesthetic appearance. Indeed, gold can create beautiful jewelry, which will last a very long time. Moreover, gold icons have become more often passed on to their grandchildren, setting up touching and solemn transfers of gold native icons as a symbol of the faith and spirituality of the family.

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The artist in his works skillfully combines the traditions of icon painting and modern trends in jewelry. Miniature images are made in a very detailed and professional manner. Thanks to the original creative approach, inimitable handwriting and mastery, the artist manages to create unique orthodox Russian golden icons, which can be safely called jeweler masterpieces. Buy such a golden icon can be on the site with delivery throughout the country and the world.

  • Catalogue no.: 14076
  • Metall: Gilded silver 22k
  • Height: 38 мм.
  • Width: 19 мм.


This image of Seraphim of Sarov kneeling in prayer shows a great milestone in the life of the saint when he said prayers on a stone before an icon of the Blessed Virgin for one thousand days and nights. For his humility and love of God, the Venerable Seraphim was granted the gift of prophecy and miracle giving. On the reverse of the icon are the opening words of a prayer addressed to the Venerable Seraphim of Sarov.
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